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Matt Tanguay

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With Carson Heady, Julie Hansen, and John Akbari.

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Wednesday: February 8

  • 11:00AM - 12:00PM Pacific (Los Angeles)

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  • 7:00PM - 8:00PM GMT (UTC)

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Carson V. Heady
Published author, sales leader and top performer.
Carson is a published author of two books, a very successful sales leader, and a top-performer with a track record of consistently exceeding goals in leading departments as well as individual performance. He is recognized for leading a $50 million annual call center operation and was #1 out of 120 Sales Managers company wide. He grew the department’s revenue by 413% over the 4 years that he was there. He’s currently a territory manager for Microsoft.
Julie Hansen
Sales Presentations Expert and Sales Trainer.
Julie Hansen is the founder of Performance Sales and Training. She helps B2B sellers create and deliver winning sales presentations and demos that stand out from the competition, resonate with today’s busy decision-makers, and speed up the sales cycle. Julie is the author of two sales books, Sales Presentations for Dummies and ACT Like a Sales Pro!
John Akbari
Go-to-market strategy and sales.
John helps enterprise software companies with their go-to-market strategy and sales. He has doubled year over year revenues at several vendors at a close rate of 80%, and 67% new business. John is passionate about extremely big data, real-time analytics, AI, cloud, SaaS, mobile, machine learning, monitoring, and visualization.


Click Here To Claim Your Spot For This B2B Sales Training Webinar With Our Three Geniuses And Get The Free Handout